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Jesús Méndez
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Jesús Méndez


Jésus Méndez was born on the 14th of January 1984 in a gipsy family from Jerez de la Frontera. He descends from one of the numerous well-known flamenco families that can be found in Jerez.
The best-known representant of the Méndez family is Francisca Méndez Garrido, better known as “La Paquera de Jerez”, a real flamenco legend.

Jésus is said to be one of the greatest young talents from the Andalusian flamenco scene. His style is typically Jeresian, in other words he is really strong in the festive styles such as Bulerias, but also astonishing in the changeover to the more serious palos as there are Seguiriyas and Soleares.

Jésus Méndez now is a much sought-after artist already. He made his first steps in the international scene as a singer with the Gerardo Nuñez company, an artist he still frequently works with.

Furthermore he also shared the stage with such grand names as Jose Merce, El Torta, Terremoto, Capullo, Rancapino and Fernando de la Morena.
He also worked with famous dancers like Mercedes Ruiz, Concha Vargas and Andrés Peña, as with guitarplayer Moraito.
Also, the legendary filmmaker Carlos Saura has invited him to participate in his new production called "Flamenco Hoy".

He is coming to the Benelux, together with an equally young gipsy, the guitar player Manuel Valencia. He was an apprentice of Terremoto’s and also the new guitar wonder of the famous Jeresian school.

A premiere you can’t miss!