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Alfonso Losa
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Alfonso Losa


Alfonso Losa is recognized throughout the flamenco scene as one of the absolute talents of the current generation.
As a child he took classes with Rafael de Cordoba and later on at the Real Conservatorio de Danza. He was soon acknowledged as a natural and therefore was allowed to go and complete his skills with great masters such as El Guïto, Manolete, La China, Antonio Canales and Javier Latorre.
At the age of 15 he already won the most important choreography contest for  Danza Española and flamenco at the Teatro Albeniz in Madrid. He was there publicly recognized as being the best dancer. It was a contest he was to win many times more later on.
The list of distinguished artists who regularly invite him as a guest artist in their company is simply impressive: Adrian Galia, Ricardo Franco, Manolete, El Guïto, Manuela Carrasco, Ruben Dantás, Enrique de Melchor, La Susi, Gerardo Nuñez, Niño Josele, Montse Cortés, Guadiana,…
He collaborated with Enrique Morente for the “Omega” performance and for the CD “Pablo de Malaga”.
Guitar player Tomatito also regularly invites him as a guest dancer.

He is a laureate of Spain's most important flamenco conteste:

  • Premio Nacional de Cordoba (2007): for Soleá
  • ”Premio El Desplante” at the prestigious Festival Internacional de las Minas (2008)

In 2009 his own performance “Mirando Atrás” was first to be seen at the festival  Gomaespuma Flamenco Pa’todos. This is a festival which also billed  Tomatito, El Guïto and Estrella Morente.
Thanks to this show, he was invited to peform at the most important flamenco festivals such as Festival de Jerez, Festival Internacional de las Minas , La Suma Flamenca and Festival de Milan.

That year, his most recent show was also first shown at the festival of Torrelodonos. It is called “Grito” and was realized along with Jose Maya. They could be seen at work at Suma Flamenco 2010 and the Sevillian Biennial, among others.

Alfonso Losa is a hightly inpired dancer with a most energetic and expressive style, both passionate and masterfully in control. These qualities are constantly visible in any of his performances.