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Ezequiel Benitez
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 Ezequiel Benitez 
 Ezequiel Benitez
 Concert 5 april 2004
Ezequiel Benitez
Ezequiel Benitez is the new rising talent from the Barrio Santiago, the legendary quarter of Jerez where for centuries on end, generations have been passing on the Arte Flamenco.
This quarter has brought forth artists as there are: Terremoto, La Piriñica, La Sordera, Tio Jose de Paula, and more recently Jose Merce, Moraito, Vicente Soto and literally dozens more.

Ezequiel Benitez grew up in the midst of all this. His surroundings were and still are built up by flamenco and he even has a father that composes and is occupied with the Arte 24 hours a day.

Ezequiel Benitez could not have dreamt of a better source. At the age of 20 he already was one of the greatest youngsters of Flamenco.

His Cante shows proof of an inspiration and a knowledge that can only be interpreted by someone who has fully explored the depths of the basics and mysteries of the Cante Flamenco. Hence he is considered a complete Cantaor that brings unalloyed Flamenco Puro, loyally honouring the wells where he lavished his artistic thirst.

The class, the intensity, the expression… all so typically Jerez, so typically Barrio Santiago.

Ezequiel’s talent lends itself best to the Cante Jondo. Those who have seen him at work will easily be convinced that the magical Duende is not the privilege or the exclusive right of the elder generation.

Ezequiel Benitez already won the “Yunque Flamenco” in Barcelona and the “Premio por Livianas” in Puerto Real. Furthermore he also scored multiple successes on all possible stages and at festivals in Andalusia and the whole of Spain.

This new favourite of the Jerezian school now is coming up north for a first complete tour outside of Spain. A unique opportunity to see the new star from the Mecca of the Cante live at work.