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Paco del Pozo
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Paco del Pozo


Francisco del Pozo Carpintero – PACO DEL POZO
(Madrid, 1975) is one of the most popular flamenco figures of the capital and one of the moste unique singers of the entire flamenco scene.
He was taught by guitar players such as Pepe Pucherete, Paco de Antequera and Manolo Molina. As a mere 12-year-old he gained the “Premio al Mejor Cantaor Revelacion” in Madrid. At the age of 21 he won the important “Lampera Minera” prize at the important contest of the “Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas”.
Thanks to this recognition, he took off to see the world and compete with the most talented musicians at all the important flamenco festivals.
In 2003 his first CD “Vestido de Luces” (Harmonia Mundi) was released, a CD entirely dedicated to the world of bullfighting and more particularly the torerodynasties of  Ordoñez, Rivera and Dominguin. It also comprises poems by authors such as  Gerardo Diego, Antonio Murciano and even by bullfighter Angel Peralta. Musicians such as orge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Jeronimo Maya, Rafael Estevez, Concha Jareño and Lucky Losada all contributed to the CD.
Paco del Pozo is a talented singer with a broad view of the world, who – next to his traditional work – has also collaborated with classical guitar player Jose Maria Gallardo, with whom he participated in the XV flamenco biennial of Seville.
Last year he wrote the film score for the movie “El Discipulo” by Emilio Ruiz Borrachino. Moreover, he has a new CD to be releases next spring.

Poet Félix Grande  comments :
“He sings with the force of his youth and the wisdom of an old man”.